Elegua is said to be present everywhere and at all times. Because of this Eleggua has many aspects or “caminos” (roads) each encapsulating a different area he. Caminos de Elegua. Elegua Abaile. Elegua Afrá. Elegua Agbanukué [Agbanuké]. Elegua Akéru. Elegua Agongo Ogo. Elegua Akesan. Elegua Alá Le Ilú. Elegua. Caminos. Eleggua has twenty-one different roads. It is important to make the distinction between Eshu and Eleggua. These are both.

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An Orisha is not considered to be perfect. Elegua is said to be present everywhere and at all times. Because if Eleggua is not happy, this can have serious consequences for humans. He is an endless wanderer who is often disguised as a beggar or a crazy person. La Topa is, like Eleggua, very tricky.

After each Saint has been saluted, the same sequence of prayers is repeated, but this time, they call the lwas e,egua their African or Creole names. I was always amazed by the way of communication through the Bata. Hola, soy nuevo con la santeria, elegau a pesar de mi poco tiempo buscando la paz del santo elegua y de los santos orishas para que entren en mi hogar y habran mi camino hacia la felicidad la paz y alejen todo espiritu malo de mi ya que e pasado muchas perdidas humanas y espirituales en mi camino hacia mi futuro estoy super feliz de sentirlo en mi vida y muy orgulloso de heberlo conocido aunque quizas no lo tenga aun pues lo llamo y lo aclamo en cada momento a mi vida y espero encontrar un padrino espriritual que me pueda preparar un elegua y poder bendecir mucho mas aun mi camino.


Eleggua is a trickster, but not devil.

Quiero compartir mi testimonio con el mundo, fui stripper en un club y me infectaron con el VIH debido a la naturaleza de mi trabajo. There are differences between the Rada and Petro batteries. As always it enters with the open sound in the right hand. He has long painted hair, which is a sign of strength. Eleggua This is the chapter focusing on Eleggua, the Orisha of the crossroads.

Hola, amiga Caro, son muchas preguntas a la vez, y lo que necesitas es un registro, consultarte con un santero o babalawo. Yoruba believe that, if he is not appeased first, he will confuse the ceremony and prevent the offering from reaching the Orishas.

Antes que todo, saludos! You find Chachalokafu also in many Latin Jazz tunes. In some cases this fusion was very superficial, and so it happened that some male Orishas have a female Saint as counterpart. What is special about this religion, which came to Cuba with the African slaves, is that you have elements of both, African and Christian religion that fused into one. Me gustaria mucho, que me pudieras a ayudar.

Eleggua – Oscar van Dillen

In this part eveybody can join. As for all the other grooves, I only transcribed the basic groove. For believers, it is not important if those stories really happened. Su email address es dreddyspiritualtemple gmail.

Bata drums should never be dropped on the floor, and one should not sit on or walk over them Mason, Alla conoci a una persona, que era santera.

5 ofrendas a Elegua para el dinero que le encantarán

In Rada, he is ee old and serious man, smoking a pipe and carrying a sack. Mostly four parts can be differed: Where does the religion have its origins? On pictures you always see him carrying the Child Jesus and holding a lily.


The Bata drums came with the slaves from Yorubaland, which today is Southwest Nigeria. If people get possessed by Orishas, it happens during this part of the ceremony. Cook the porridge until it cainos to thicken into a paste-like consistency. I just chose for one way of writing and kept it the same in my whole thesis. The first prayers are mostly in French, Latin or Creole. Now the actual ceremony can start.

Aliviate en mi, y mandame un correo a josancaballero aol. Because the salutes are played directly to the Orishas some drummers consider it to be the most important part of a music ceremony. They built in combination with very short songs the climax of a tratado.

In Cuba, the Bata drummers always enter their pattern with the right hand and never with the slap of the left hand, even if it marks the beat. The Orisha for whom the toque is held is taken out of the normal order and saluted last Mason, I will not go into more detail, because this work has a musical focus, and not a religious one.

Oludumare was sick and in bed. Mi familia y yo estamos viviendo felices otra vez.

Quiero compartir mi testimonio con todo el mundo, mi nombre es Victoria Desmond de EE. He is asked in matters of sex. He is the divine trickster and does what he wants without restriction.