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This fragmentation of Diodoran scholarship no doubt explains why most twentieth-century commentaries seem to have concentrated on a single book of the Bibliotheca. The preface explains that the individual volumes of historical commentary will be assigned to different members of the research team, according to their particular interests and expertise, the first to be diidoro being the commentaries on Book 13 by D.

Sous la direction de F. Stodica 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 bkblioteca 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Month January February March April May June July August September October November December Year On the contrary, Quellenforschung is — sicull a strictly historiographic point of view — the necessary point of departure and the most interesting aspect of Diodorus, as a necessary means of recovering portions of the corpus of lost historiography; for this purpose the fidelity of Diodorus to his models, which is generally recognized by all, is of great weight” The work under review must therefore be welcomed as an attempt to extend the comprehensive approach evident in the translations cited above to a deeper level, by producing a historical commentary on the whole Bibliotheca.

Should I pay a subscription fee to always have free shipping? L’impianto e lo stato di conservazione della ‘Biblioteca’ 3. Such agreement is seen as the means by which the individual commentary volumes will be able to maintain “a unitary character” transcending the interests of the particular commentators VIII.

These five translations represent the best efforts sjculo 20th-century scholars to deal comprehensively with the whole Bibliotheca — a change in direction from the more narrowly specialized work of scholars in the source-critical tradition, each storicw whom tended to focus on one section of the text selected for its postulated dependence on a particular source tradition.


Description This is a reproduction stoirca a book published before Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Early in his discussion of the Bibliotheca ‘s sources he notes that the “heuristic discipline” of Quellenforschung has seen few advances in recent years beyond the work of its pioneers 20but he continues defensively, “However, it is not properly true that Quellenforschung enjoys.

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A CommentaryLeiden ; J. The general approach to the Bibliotheca taken by Ambaglio and Landucci, however, displays some of the same ambivalence discerned by this reviewer 2 in a volume of conference proceedings produced by members of the same research consortium, concerning the two different streams of Diodoran scholarship alluded to above: Sacks, Diodorus Siculus and the first Century.

Chamoux, 3 is illuminating in this respect. Once the total amount of fulfilled by Souq items is exceeded, you will get the Free shipping benefit. La cronologia diodorea 2. The inauguration of this comprehensive historical commentary thus offers an important opportunity to summarize the results of these two different streams of Diodoran scholarship, whose proponents often seem unable or unwilling to engage seriously with the implications of one another’s opinions, with a view to producing a more coherent synthesis.

Your Mobile number has been verified! Cronologic e proemi F.

Bryn Mawr Classical Xtorica Diodoro, La Sicilia e l’Occidente 9. If you wish to proceed with your order without adding the remaining amount to reach the free shipping thresholds, you will not be eligible for free shipping.

The three contributing authors between them survey competently enough the state of scholarly opinion on the major aspects of the work: This introductory volume to the whole project aims to be “not. A cura di G.

Il problema della storia universale nel mondo antico I ,” Mediterraneo Antico 1. Certain topics necessarily occupy a prominent place in both introductions: But the tone of the diodori discussions differs markedly.

Introduzione alla Biblioteca storica di Diodoro D. Princeton ; idem”Diodorus and his sources: By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. All these translations contain some explanatory matter: The challenge for this introductory volume must therefore be to provide a summary account of scholarship on the Bibliothecawhich will serve as a guide for both the contributing scholars and their readers to the “common methodological framework” that is said to underlie the whole project.


The Preface Presentazione of this volume describes the “long and intense collaborative activity in the field of historiography” VII among a large group of scholars from the four universities through five conferences — [ bis ], — resulting in published volumes of proceedingswhich furnished “the prerequisite for agreement, among all those involved in the project, on a common methodological framework” VIII.

Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. As noted above, not only the length of Diodorus’ World History but also the complexity of the compositional problems it poses necessitated that any such enterprise should involve a team of scholars.

But since the chronological and geographical range of Diodorus’ Bibliotheca comprised all history known to Greek authors from the sack of Troy to Caesar’s first consulship, the sources involved were many and various.

File:Biblioteca storica Diodoro – Wikimedia Commons

Bertrac et traduit par Y. Tablets 7 – 7. The ambitious nature of the project results not didooro from the length and varied nature of the text — the fifteen complete books run to something overwords, and include five of the six books devoted to prehistory ‘archaeology and mythology’, in Diodorus’ termsas well as the continuous annalistic narrative of events in the Greek sphere of knowledge from to BCE — but more particularly from the complications caused by the work dioeoro nineteenth-century Quellenforscher on Diodorus.

Una biografia impossible ma non insignificante 2.

Free Shipping All orders of Reviewed by Catherine Rubincam, University of Toronto catherine. The last three biboioteca above do not reprint the Greek text, while the Loeb edition reproduces a modified version of the Vogel-Fischer text. Comment on this review in the BMCR blog. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

La fortuna Bibliografia 18 pp.