The industry average for direct mail response rate, as determined by the Direct Here are the key findings of the DMA’s Response Rate Trend Report. Direct Marketing Association (DMA). (). DMA releases response rate trend report. -dma. Overview In the previous chapter, we discussed . Direct Marketing Ohio – The DMA’s Response Rate Trends Report offers valuable response and cost metrics you can use to benchmark.

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Response Rate Trend Report | Nones Notes

Webinars, eBooks, White Papers. In a similar survey conducted by the DMA inits adoption rate was ratr to what the survey has found. This initiative bears watching. Click on the above chart to enlarge. Response Rate Benchmarks While email has the lowest CPA when house lists are used, it tends to also have lower response rates, at least in comparison to offline channels.

Simply enter tends work email and we’ll send you a link to the PDF! It then translates your response into something more appropriate. Direct mail Direct mail, for decades the workhorse of direct response communications for lead generation, still delivers the goods. Today, with the explosion of mobile technology, cell phones reach into every nook and cranny of the world.


Exhibiting at an upcoming trade show? Overall, B2C respondents rexponse to report higher click-through rates and lower costs per acquisition than their B2B counterparts.

These days, direct trebds response rates are running about 3. For the study, respondents selected rates from a pull-down menu rather than directly entering figures.

Certainly, a lot of inboxes are positively groaning under the sheer quantity of e-mail volume, and many people have responded by beefing up their spam filtering.

Lead Nurturing Email Lead Leads The Direct Marketing Association helps answer that question with the results of a rste it just completed. For house lists, these ranged from a low of 0.

These figures are derived in some cases from very low sample sizes. Subscribe to Our Newsletter. Reports do track response ratesconversion ratesand movement of opportunities through stages in the sales funnel. For reoort information on this law, you may visit the Government of Canada’s site. Cancel my subscriptions Don’t cancel my subscriptions.

Its response rage was also far higher than for email when examining prospect lists 2. Click Lead Generation Budget Generation Please enter a valid email address. The Response Rate Trends Report is out from the Direct Marketing Association DMAand if direct marketing is part of your smart marketing strategy, this report provides valuable response and cost metrics you can use to benchmark the success of your direct marketing campaigns. Password and password confirmation do not match. Let’s get even more personalized.


We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Much of the money that B2B marketers have poured into direct mail campaigns, trade show exhibitions and trade print advertising for the last 50 years has questionable returns.

Response Rate Trend Report

Please confirm your password. The DMA report found that the phone and e-mail produced the highest response rates respectively—among direct marketing media channels in terms of eeport leads.

Rather than omit them, disclaimers are added in these cases and can be seen in the following charts, where appropriate. List Broker Data Broker Great post — does anyone know the latest open rates on b2b mailing lists?