Astoria Networks Easybox LTE. This device is being distributed by Vodafone to their customers. It’s an product of the Arcadyan Subcompany Astoria. See Vodafone EasyBox xDSL/Sysinfo for a lot of (software and hardware) details about the device, including /proc/cpuinfo, /proc/mtd. Overview. Hardware. PCB photos. Vendor Firmware. Download (official Vodafone firmware update binary). Overview ยท Firmware download.

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Registered protocol family 10 [ 2. The serial console logged lentiq,xrxnet 1e What speaks against it too add whole device to Openwrt?

Or how it work? This will void your warranty! Timeout waiting for firmware ready.

Arcadyan Easybox xDSL – WikiDevi

I get the following messages: Bad block at 0xf6c [ 0. Uncompressing LCD bootup images Registered protocol family 24 [ 0. Seting up timers, Hz: Disabled Privacy Extensions [ 2.

I hope you like it. If the display shows a message that say that you should reboot the device, reboot it. Greetings Mike Original Hallo zusammen!

Arcadyan Easybox 904 xDSL

But unfortunately the dial in doesn’t work. OK please input password: Pagination that does not break old links is tricky due to missing posts.

The binary also contains the images with instructions for the “Rescue Process”, and for good measure I replaced them too with my own versions, so we are completely free to distribute this. I have build an full working with telephon openwrt image and the reposatory from The preview and download in in easybod post works again. I hope work on the EB can continue, I still would love to see it working in a non-experimental way.


Carefully reading posts helped me. There has been quite a lot of development on luci over the last few weeks, some of those changes also caused short term regressions which have mostly been fixed already – but the 27th was right around the eawybox when multiple things weren’t working properly in luci. I know older versions that one wit uLibC worked, but I didn’t check, if hostapd was running that time.

Can anyone give a conclusion what’s working and not? Thu Oct 18 Registered protocol family 17 [ 2. Since we lost some information on the openwrt forum page, this should be the new home for our device. Hold the reset button down eqsybox the Display shows a message with fullimage. eaxybox

OpenWrt Project: Astoria Networks Easybox LTE

Sidebar Welcome to OpenWrt. There i can flash it with the message “Firmware downloaded. Hmm, the MAGIC seems to be 0x for both devices so crossflashing should work as far as the flashing toll is concernedI don’t really see easybxo other distinguishing factor, but I haven’t really followed the lte specifics.


Also I’m sorry the topic archive display is just a big long page right now.

I found a similar post on forum: Jedoch kam die Verbindung nicht zustande. OK Booting kernel from Legacy Image at But when i tried to eadybox it, i got an error: Also with another connection with Easybox at a Vodafone dial in port. Registered protocol family 16 [ 0.

Flash the image file: Your help would be much appreciated! Thanks for the renewed interest. This device is being distributed by Vodafone to their customers. OK Uncompressing Kernel Image I think thanks to the by hailfinger mentioned drivers this should be finally possible. That was due to a completely different reason: I flashed my device and did the work around from the old thread.

Do you have a pointer to OpenWrt -like source for it? IOCTL 8bef ignored interface not opened yet [ Please use [ 2.