Download your free PDF file of the chevrolet trailblazer on our comprehensive online database of automotive owners manuals. : Chevy Chevrolet Trailblazer Owners Manual: Car Electronics . Record 6 – 17 Full text of ” Chevrolet Trailblazer Owner Manual”. See other . Rear Seats Rear Seat Operation Safely Belts Salety Belts.

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Your vehicle has a feature that will automatically unlock rhn doors anti turn the mien or lamps on when I he air bags inflate it battery power is available. The recirculation button cannot be selected while in defrost mode Do nu!

With ibis system you can control the heating, cooling and ventilation for your vehicle.

Failure lo follow this warning couid damage Ihe shell. An Improperly stored cargo cover could be thrown about the vehicle during trailblaer collision or sudden maneuver. To release Ihe head restraint and lower it. If you must drive with the litigate open or if electrical wiring Or other cable connections must pass through the seal between the body and the I if tg ate or lift chevrklet Setting Cruise Control 1, Move Cne cruise control switch io on 2.

That could cause serious or fatal injuries.

Full text of ” Chevrolet Trailblazer Owner Manual”

Be the first to review this item Amazon Best Sellers Rank: Simply press the trip odometer button. But they are supplemental systems only so they work with safely belts – noi insfaad of them Every asr bag system ever offered far sale has required ihe use of safely belts Even If you’re in a vehicle that has air hags you still have fa buckle up to gel the most protection That’s true not only in frontal collisions, but especially in sfae and other collisions Ql If I’m a good driver, and I never drive far from home, why should I wear safety hehs?


The old message can be displayed by pressing the INFO button until a new message is received or a different station s tuned lo. Exhaust — with CO — can come in easily. Tee moisture somber is.

Chevrolet TrailBlazer Manuals

When defrost mode s selected in the Iront controller, the rear system wilt distribute air from the teird seas floor outlei To activate the second raw seat cor 1 1 rots In ihe following systems, set the fan knob ocoted on Ihe front console, to R. A child In a rear-facing child restraint can be seriously Ownwrs or titled If the right front passenger s ownes bag inflates.

There is a delay In ihe transition between the daytime and nighttime? I 47 6 To fifjhjen the belt. Erasing Speed Memory When you lum otl the cruise control or the- ignition, yoi. You II shift down to the next gear and have more power.

Download the Chevy Trailblazer Owners Manual

cevrolet If the Ighl doesn’t come un, have il repaired This light will also come on during a malfunction in one ol two ways: All doors lock when the vehicle speed is greater lhan 6 mph 13 Hm-‘h Mode 3: Ihe lever without pushing rearward on the sealback and the seatback wall move forward. RDM T and the track number will appear on the display when each track starts to play Press Ihis pushbutton again to turn oft random play.

Press and hold ihis pushbutton for less than two seconds to advance at six limes Ihe normal playing speed. The body structure of 3 young child is quite unlike that ot an adult or older chi id, for whom Ihe safety belts are designed, A young child?


If you are buckled up. Ad doors unlock when the key is removed Imm the gnitron Mode 4: Press this button 1o turn the air-conditioning system on or oil.

Chevrolet TrailBlazer Owners Manuals

This light should come on, a a a check to show you il is working, when the ignition 15 qr and the engine is not running. Recirculation mode is used to recirculate the air “‘side of your vehicle. CDs may be loaoed with the iadio and ignition off it this button is pressed tirsi Compact Disc Messages If Ihe disc comes out, it could be tor one of the foil owing reasons: This mode directs most of the air to the floor cutsets with a litlle air directed to the windshield and.

To trailvlazer I ho lamps So automatic operation, press I he button again The rinme lamps will come on when you open a door Entry Lighting Your vehicle 5 equipped with an llimninated entry feature.

Reclining Seatbacks Manuql your vehicle has a manual reclincr. See your dealer tar more information, Rear Door Security Locks Your vehicle may have this feature, You can lock t h e rear doors so they can’i be opened from the inside by passengers.