Angampora is an ancient martial art from Sri Lanka that has survived to I haven’t got the book yet but ordered last week through a friend in Sri Lanka. Book Description. අද වන විට ක්‍රමයෙන් වියකි යමින් පවතින අංගම්පොර සටන් කලාව පිළිබද තොරතුරු ඇතුලත් කරමින් එම සටන්. History tells us that he has written several books about it as well. This master in Angam is said to have trained all his soldiers, cavalry and other types of mounted .

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Retrieved 20 May Emerging threat in domain of environmental security Monday, 31 December Although the forest that has been covering most of the island has been considerably thinned down by man at present, the country is still proud of a number of National Parks which has a high Bio-diversity.

Such was the invincibility of Sri Lankans. We have until 30 July to raise the funds, so we encourage all those interested to contribute towards the success of the project. But, a few secret lineages of warriors faithfully kept the art alive in secret for generations, where in the present day it has resurfaced to reveal a completely unseen side to Sri Lankan history and culture. Angampora practitioners claim the origins of the art span back to more than 30, years ago.

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Notify me of new posts by email. It promised the governing of the country to anggampora as per the traditions that prevailed. We believe that the book will help revive worldwide interest in Angampora and that is a great motivator. It has been a term languishing in obscurity for the last couple of centuries, often misunderstood as an urban legend; a thing of the past. Frequent stops were requir. Vibishana has known what is said to be the only way to kill Ravana, and had shared this knowledge with Rama.

Archived from the original on 12 March Today, this exotic and deadly martial art is at a critical point where it needs to reveal itself to the world at large in order to preserve a living heritage of humanity.


What booka found was there were similarities between Kalari and Angampora, but Angampora was more advanced in several respects. A Fighting Art associated with Kings”.

The hand fighting technique known as amaraya is a step into the next level of training. They were highly supported by the kings.

But all of that is about to change. Angampora fighter with bookw and shield [32]. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Ministry of Culture and the Arts, Sri Lanka. Our photographer Reza was the person who laid the foundation for the project four years ago, when he started taking photographs of Angampora practitioners for his personal interest.

Fighters usually make use of both striking and grappling techniques, and fight until the opponent is caught in a submission lock that they cannot escape. The name ‘Angampora’ is derived from the Sinhalese word anga- a root word for ‘body’, denoting physical combat and porameaning fight.

Angampora: A pictorial narrative of Sri Lanka’s ancient martial art

Each day is a challenge for us. I am sure we have travelled more than 5,km if you tally up the distance of our journey in Sri Lanka alone!

This was angamporq the British forces found it difficult to face the Sri lankan revolutionaries who were practitioners of this art. Even the improved larger aircraft could not fly very far with a significant payload of passengers and cargo.

But we know the importance of what we are doing and we love every moment of it. Although part of the knowledge was still lost, this fortunately had saved Angam Kalawa totally being lost to the future generations. These were important elements for our narrative. The art of Angam which was developed for so many thousands of years has done its best in protecting Sri Lanka from its enemies.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Angampora. Equally obscure are its history, origins, and techniques, which are largely unknown to anyone beyond the few practitioners that remain.

We have received a tremendous amount of help and inspiration from our main researcher who is a guru of one of the oldest lineages of Angam fighters in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, the art suffered greatly during the British proscription, and is sadly unknown to even a majority of Sri Lankans in the present day.


All we have are inconsistent records of instances in history where it has appeared but briefly, only to disappear from the books of history leaving gaps as well as a lot of unanswered questions. The country has a recorded history of over years and stories of events passed down generations speak for over years. A dry zone exists to the north and south and the mountains of the mid country give you the cool climes.

During this era, history boasts of many endeavors of Sri Lankan warriors who defended their territories through savvy war tactics such as guerilla warfare and the use of varied weaponry.

Thus the struggle to retain the sovereignty of the island continued for around a further years with the Dutch until the British came along somewhere around We have also had to obtain and handle horses, buffaloes, and a tusker for the shoots, and you can imagine what that must have been like.

We are still handling the work of about 10 people between four heads, but we are really proud of where we have come since the time Reza and I first discussed this idea about a year ago.

Angampora Jayagath Maraliya

This spelled fatal to the Sri Lankan martial art world, as its new foreign rulers, the appointed governor of Angamplra Robert Brownrigg banned and outlawed the practice of Agam.

We are also speaking to corporates in Sri Lanka to help us take this project forward. A number of paintings related to angampora are found at Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka. During this dark period for Sri Lanka the Portuguese advances into the island were time and again stopped with dire consequences to the invading armies.

The project has been featured on multiple international platforms, most prominently on the Huffington Post, during its formative stage.