You can save UML diagrams as images so that you can use them in other media such as documents, presentations, or HTML pages. You can save diagrams in. ArgoUML User Manual: A tutorial and reference description Finding Out More About the ArgoUML Project. Save Project As. Model with UML. Click-to-export diagrams as image files – JPG, PNG, SVG and EMF. Quick and straight forward!.

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The mouse and mouse buttons or their equivalent with alternative tracking devices are used in a wide variety of ways.

You can have your document tool scale the image up, which will look kind of chunky, but sav probably be usable, or you can choose a vector format which is more appropriate for printing than a raster format like PNG or GIF. Project-related questions Where and how do I report bugs?

On others doing so initiates a zip utility. We are now ready to create our first UML diagram, a Use Case diagram, but first let’s save what we’ve done so far. Overview of the Editing Pane. Sign swve or log in Sign up using Google. A new project argoump been created, and is connected to the file FirstProject. You can now safely exit ArgoUML without losing your work so far, or go on creating your first diagram. If you now look at the Explorer Pane, nothing has changed, since you adapted the default setting, not the project setting.


Saving UML diagrams as images

It was dropped by the W3C Consortium. The package name change should also be reflected in the explorer, in the top left corner of your ArgoUML window. As we go through the Editing pane changes will sometimes occur in the Details and the To-Do panes. Slice big diagram into multiple manageable image files that is both printer and reader friendly. The edit menu does not look like what you are used to in other products. Using the Windows installer.

uml – Exported graphic resolution in ArgoUML – Stack Overflow

With this feature, large diagram can be broken down into pieces, savee fit into documentations in different size. Import and Export Array of import and output formats for model exchange. You can also right click on an element in the diagram to add a note as well.

In the window change to the directory holding your ArgoUML files and type java -jar argouml. Add the Java profile to it, and press OK.

Import and Export

Change the theme to “Very Large Fonts. How do I arrange my diagram elements? The aim of this section is to get you started with ArgoUML. You should see a graduated slider bar tool.

This allows you to create any one of the seven UML diagram types class, use case, state, activity, collaboration, deployment and sequence supported by ArgoUML. It argpuml you through obtaining the code and getting it running. First, let’s save the model in it’s current empty and unnamed state. The menu item Arrange allows you to align, group, or nudge elements. I borrowed a book on mythology and tried to find a tale of experimentation.


Additionally, the country may be set to the US as follows: Not as of April Import the certificate to your local installation of Java Web Start.

I came to grad school with the intention of building a better software development environment with an emphasis on the human aspects.

This means that the things you can’t do will distract you, you will have problems that you won’t have in commercial UML tools, aargouml there is no one to blame for this.

Frequently asked questions for ArgoUML

Discuss differences with other tabs about locations of items selected. The source pane is editable, but the changes are ignored. Click on your target class. This toolbar contains some of the tools from the Create Diagram menu. Downloading the Binary Executable. Click on the File menu item, and select Save Project. What ArgoUML is trying to tell you is that usually, package names are written in lower cases.

Change the “Look and Feel: I’ve always been interested in how some tools can be so much better than others.