2-Look OLL: 2nd Look (Orient Corners). Clockwise. Corner. Cycle. (A-perm). 2- Look PLL: 6 Algorithms x [ (R’UR’) D2 ] [ (RU’R’) D2 ] R2. (R U R’) U (R U2 R’). Then oll’s Learn them in the order they appear For learning 2-look oll and pll, I would say first learn PLL, then OLL. Of the 21 cases, only 6 are needed for 2-Look PLL (commonly Permutation is broken into 2 steps: corner permutation (two cases), and PLL · 2-Look OLL · 4LLL · Last Layer. External links. Badmephisto’s 2-look PLL guide.

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Yes, the alg for “None” or “Dot” as people call it is pretty crazy. The reason for the R2′ is to help with fingertricking that particular alg.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I now know COLL for this case so it doesn’t bother me any more. It’s worth noting that with double moves like R2, oll doesn’t matter which way you do it.


No biased promotion of one cube shop over another. Thanks, I’ll look into it!

Here are some up-to-date 2 LOOK OLL algorithms that might help you out! : Cubers

I wanted to be faster. Where To Buy Cubes? This would be your best bet: Please check our wiki to see if your question already has an answer. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Scroll down before posting For people who love any sort of geometric puzzles, including but not limited to: All in one picture.

After some practice, I got down to about 1 minute, but it didn’t satisfy that itch. Self promotion youtube videos, books, apps, etc is allowed once per week. Bought a cheap budget cube off Amazon and slowly began learning the beginners method.

You can’t learn pll first. Any other sort of posts like these? Then learn OLLs, start with most common ones of course.


One particular member of the community insisted I do it that way. How To Improve at 3x3x3?


How To Solve a 3x3x3? Submit a new text post. Flaming and hateful comments will be removed.

Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Should I learn oll and pll at the same time? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.


Awhile later, I learned of sites like algdb. This includes “X store is now selling this cube! Which Cubes To Buy? If you know beginner’s method, you can do OLL without anymore algorithms, badmephisfo I would consider learning the 6 after you get the cross. For people who love any sort of geometric puzzles, including but not limited to: And it’s a much worse alg Bwdmephisto. Only link to websites etc directly. It seems Badmephisto stopped updating the site or something.