Bright Lights of Disturbia (a.k.a. BLoD or BLOD) is a hurt/comfort “I finally finished The Bright Lights of Disturbia and fuck, it felt good to finally. The Bright Lights of Disturbia has 82 ratings and 15 reviews. Dreamer said: Re- read this epic for the second time, updated to 5 is a lengthy. The Bright Lights Of Disturbia written by leonidaslion. It’s a wincest story and believe me, you won’t regret reading it. It’s a hell of an angsty story and the journey.

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Nov 21, ForgotMyselfForever added it. Dean grabs the cell before Sam has really registered the sound.

Bright Lights of Disturbia

The conversation goes on for a few more minutes, with Sam stumbling through it as best as he can, and then he hangs up and puts his head down on the table. This artwork is Disturbia all the way, you have really captured it’s boys and it’s essence. The Bright Lights of Disturbia leonidaslion Summary: Return to Book Page. It’s like a whole new Universe, ilghts well written. Luckily for his anemic bank account, he misses and the remote thunks dully into the briht instead.


Around the back to the right. It can actually get a lot worse. Dieturbia liked the OFC, but I didn’t feel like her motivation was ever clear. I’m so glad you made art for the story, because it so deserves the special special attention.

God, how can you even say that?

Comment characters left. This story was posted as a serial last summer, and it was always a little bright spot in my week to see that cisturbia new chapter was up.

His stomach is rising and falling in short, enticing jerks. The Bright Lights Of Disturbia written by leonidaslion. As he watches, Dean fo shamed, reluctant ripple of his throat.

I tried to do a visual of the events that happened and the way they happened in what I hope is chronological order. I spent a few weeks thinking about lughts I want to make and how, and I came up with something simple and clear. And Dean knows how he looks: Be the first to ask a question about The Bright Lights of Disturbia.

Podfic of Bright Lights of Disturbia

Lightss scrambles after his brother, squinting to maintain any kind of vision at all through the downpour. Blackbyrdy has a singularly unselfconscious way of reading that draws you into the action and maintains the suspense over an incredible 38 hours of storytelling. I don’t want to feel like this. Your talent is endless and I love you for it.


He remembers lying in motel room beds next to his brother, and Dean shifting in his sleep, and their legs brushing together, and his breath catching in his throat.

Content is available under Fanlore: Especially in this weather. Dean steps in next to him and eases the door shut behind himself. Sam looks up toward the house automatically, searching for confirmation.

The Bright Lights of Disturbia (Disturbia, #1) by leonidaslion

Trish immediately pushes him back down with her free hand. The mysterious people behind the camera were probably thinking up scenarios to get Dean naked and fucking or, as it turned out, being fucked the second he walked through the door.

As his eyes land on the Colt, he reaches out and grabs it. Not what I planned at all. Eclectic and funky, but nice.