cheryl. gay. lgbt. lgbtq. queer. rainfield. scars. self-harm. self-mutilation. selfharm. selfharmer. selfharmhelp. selfharming. selfmutilation. sexual. sexualabuse. Scars is a fiction book about Kendra, a lesbian teen who was sexually abused but doesn’t remember who abused her. As her abuser starts. Scars by Cheryl Rainfield – book cover, description, publication history.

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While Scars isn’t one of my personal favorites, it was a worthwhile and realistic read. Kendra is an artist like her mom and using her artwork to unleash these inside fears. Scars is the unforgettable story of one girl’s frightening path to the truth.

It will stick with you, it will make you rethink some things, and it will keep the notion that sexual abuse can happen to anyone, at any time in your mind. Readers will become fully engrossed in this young ranifield novel.

I just feel that books with subjects like these are often executed better than mindless love stories strangely enough. Readers will sympathize with the horror of Kendra’s past and the reality of her present.

Scars was a tough read, not only because of its subject matter – sexual abuse, homophobia, domestic violence, cutting – but because I wanted so badly to like it and it just didn’t move me the way I had been expecting. This is one heck of a good book! Each of these characters becomes a full person, realistic in the mind of the reader and made stronger by the very scard way in which Rainfield pitches Kendra, her thoughts, and her story.


Westside Books; First edition March 24, Language: I found rzinfield relationship quite annoying. Most importantly I must make this confession. Meghan has her own issues so they lean on each other.

Scars by Cheryl Rainfield

Scars by Cheryl Rainfield was a title she told me I needed to buy, as all of the pages at her work put holds on it immediately upon seeing it. Bottom line is there were so many things about this book that could have been brilliant. It could prove to be a life-saver for other young victims of abuse and self-harm.

A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse, 20th Anniversary Edition “An important and necessary book for young people struggling with abuse, cutting, sexual orientation and building a healthy life.

Rainfield does a magnificent job building all her characters, from Kendra to her parents to Meghan and Kendra’s much needed and very trusted therapist Carolyn. It is a collection of twenty three writers and seven artists. She had been through SUCH a trauma and no one in her life seemed to understand or care about the pain she was in.

I read this book on my eReader while sitting in Starbucks. I liked Stained better than this book. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. More on that in a moment. For Kendra, cutting is her way of forgetting and dealing with the memories of being sexually abused as a child- her way of not remembering the face of the person who did it because that could be worse than remembering in the first place.

She painted a descriptive picture for the reader to understand exactly what was happening and exactly what Kendra was feeling. I loved the author’s use of art as a language, a medium for Kendra to purge her soul and reach for the truth of her past. I do have a hard time reading about childhood sexual abuse, though. I suppose it wasn’t all bad. And I see her like a painting in my mind — a narrow, lonely figure leaning up against dented grey lockers, her face defiant yet vulnerable, the sadness trapped inside her.


Scars by Cheryl Rainfield

I have been meaning to read this books for years now. Rainfield does a magnificent job building all her characters, from Kendra to her parents to Meghan and Kendra’s much needed and very trusted therapist Carolyn.

rinfield Anger is there, yes, along with terror, but what a surprise to read such an uplifting book about such devastating issues! Claire and her cousin Kelsey are hunting and Kelsey ends up shooting a deer Skinwalker. The end of the boo I read this riveting story in less than 24 hours while in the Cayman Islands, so obviously it’s gripping.

Cheryl Rainfield

But overall I really liked the creation of these strong and unique characters. I just let them show, even though I get stares, rude comments, and questions from strangers. I recently read Willow, which csars with cutting, and I loved the story. May 15, Nicole rated it really liked it. Wow, this book is brutal: