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Home arrow Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC arrow AR 15 Army Military Construction and Nonappropriated-Funded. in one alternative • 6–2, page DA PAM –3 • 10 August . (See AR –15 for additional information on DD Form project. paragraph 2–5 and DA Pamphlet (Pam) – 1– Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations and Environment). The ASA (I&E) provides.

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Provide seismic evaluation and a list of structural deficiencies to obtain the rehabilitation concepts. Demolition has been identified in Block 10 “Description of Proposed Construction.


For Support Facilities, description of each major elements has been checked to be in accordance with Section of DA Pamphlet25 Oct This project has the potential for partial recoupment of costs from NATO. Relocation costs primary facilities. Army Engineering and Support Center at Huntsville provides technical advise for projects that include utility and energy monitoring and control systems, supervisory control and data acquisition systems, or any similar computer based monitoring and control systems.

No practical alternative exists to the facility as proposed and sited. In describing events, dates have been used and are current. Army national guard dg -5 general Maintenance facilities temf standard design The primary facilities cost-per-square-foot has not exceeded the Office of Secretary of Defense OSD Unit Cost Guidance amount for the facility type at the project location.

Unit costs have not exceed the approved allowances for area, size and inflation which is 34 PAX Newsletter 3. Discussion has stated what, not why and has not provided for specific design.


Tactical equipment maintenance facilities There is no signature block, but one is provided in the summary block.

Intent to Prepare an EIS is included”. If the project is design-build, there is a line item for the cost of design and design review at a standard 4.

Costs for special foundations, abatement of asbestos containing materials and lead containing paint and other potential environmental issues should not be ignored as omission can lead to increased costs.

Determine the project acquisition strategy considering delivery schedule, funding profile type, availability and appropriation yearand methodology assessment from perspective of customer, project scope, industry, and executing agent.

The statement quantifies constructed, the existing operational and administrative contained in the square footage of vertical construction that will not be demolished to offset new facilities listed above will have to be maintained. These concepts are required to develop cost. This document defines the orderly management and development of the real property assets of the installation including land, facilities and infrastructure.

Block 10 – Description “Supporting facilities costs are higher than normal because this project site has several large existing utility lines that require relocation or replacement. If applicable a statement has been made statement “1” is not offered in the Standard Statement Assistance and has been manually entered into the NATO Security Investment block which prints in the “Additional” paragraph or the Standard Statement Assistance see example “2” statement has been selected for NATO Security Investment block.

Other existing or proposed projects especially privatization, utility, and installation infrastructure do not overlap or interfere with the project. Targetry, simulators, and information systems components. DD Forms EF will indicate if standard designs are being used. AR “Product and services available from commercial sources will not be provided by this facility.


One of the two physical security statements has been selected. All unaccompanied housing real property maintenance conducted in the past two years and all future SRM requirements for unaccompanied housing at that installation have been shown.

DA PAM 420–1–2

Flood hazard and encroachment on wetlands evaluation. The facility will be designed to minimize adverse impacts on the wetlands. Remediation of contaminated soil, wetland mitigation, and endangered species protection. Steam and chilled water Cost coordinate with distribution lines usually are describing a central plant and if appropriate have been Block 10 – Description. DD Form has been signed by the installation Garrison Commander and is ready for review.

Category Code for Primary Facilities and category code for Supporting Facilities 41-15 been used. After determination has been made as to services required by the installation POC, the PM assembles a scope and funds request broken down by the following work items: The facility sketch should be coordinated with the Real Property Master Plan.

Targetry OPA 2. Possible environmental damages caused by encroachment on the floodplains, no practical alternative exists to the facility as proposed and sited. Description of Proposed Construction: