Derek Blasberg on How to Be Classy. A New York social butterfly believes that in today’s age of tasteless pseudo-celebrity, it’s time for a. Fortunately, Derek Blasberg has written a new book that we know will prove indispensable next time we ask ourselves “How short is too short?. In the sequel to his New York Times best-selling (and not to mention debut) book, our editor at large Derek Blasberg asks the tough-as-nails.

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He graduated with honors in Dramatic Literature and Journalism in Oct 28, Kelly rated it it was ok. Ages 14 and up.

It was really strange and at times it seriously felt like someone from traveled through time and wrote an advice book trying to come off as contemporary, but the mask keeps slipping and they can’t disguise the fact that their mindset is totally s.

The Clxssy of Dust: Dec 19, Carol Hungria rated it it was amazing. I highly doubt gratuitously dropping names is “classy”.

Gyms are for exercise, not cleavage. The author doesn’t preach but just gives really helpful tips. His first job was as an assistant at Vogue. An American fashion writer, editor and New York Times bestselling author. Lists with This Book. The quizzes were light relief from the information, and it is good that there are a lot of photographs and some illustrations throughout to break up the text. So, I guess now in my 4th decade it was my time to be open to a modern take on etiquette.

Aizza Toci rated it it was amazing Jun 29, Still funny and informative, though: I liked this book in the form of Classy and have bought Classy but used it mainly to skim through, and this is basically an expanded version i.


Very Classy

It adds spice and a new twist to the age-old definition of “classy”. About Very Classy Derek Blasberg is back with more brilliant commentary on what makes a lady truly classy.

Practical advice for coming into adulthood and updated advice on being a courteous guest, employee and friend. The real irony of this is that repeatedly calling women skanks, tramps, and sluts because they’re not living the life you feel they should be living is the very opposite of class. Thought it would be a scathing assessment of the “ideal woman” expectation.

Not only was it full of spelling and grammatical errors come on, you HAVE an editorbut it was about as deep as a puddle. Stronger, Faster, and More Beautiful.

This illustrated volume is packed with advice for the girl who doesn’t want to be a Relationship Chameleon, the girl who understands that skinny fat is worse vedy just plain fat, and the girl who needs a little help discovering the silver lining of a hangover. I’m a big fan of Derek Blasberg. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. However, I read Very Classy from beginning to end and plan to use the end sections again on artists, fictional characters, films, documentaries, plays, and poetry to know because I love to learn.

The decorations in his home are a little self referential and I got the idea they were to boost his ego or impress others, even though he claims to dislike such narcissistic decor. The author is quite charming albeit very image conscious and even a little vain, which can be forgiven. Jul 10, Teddyhennessyyahoo. While this is understandably annoying to some readers and to me sometimesI felt that this made him realistic and relatable I mean, who wouldn’t tell ev You must pick up this book knowing that it instructs calssy on how to be Blasberg’s definition of ‘classy’.

I thought it was going to be a whole differnt book with all new advice, but turns out all it is is the original Classy with a few extra chapters. Ultimately, it still d I’m a big fan of Derek Blasberg.


While this is understandably annoying to some readers and to me sometimesI felt that this made him realistic and relatable I mean, who wouldn’t tell everyone about the time Gwenyth Paltrow invited them to dinner? Inspired by Your Browsing History. Frankly, the author is so enamored with himself and his A through D list friends that he doesn’t have cohesive message beyond, “be my idea of a lady, dammit!

May 28, Kimberly Halverson rated it really liked it. Give the Dark My Love. This book does mention etiquette a lot, but is NOT an etiquette book. Reporting by the Parkland Student Journalists.

Today’s fast-maturing youth culture is confounded by a whole slew of classy conundrums. Not really worth 18 flassy if you ask me. Looking for More Great Reads?

The Online Home of Derek Blasberg

Natalie Boath Yes, I believe so, even though I’m only up to page at the moment. As a teen, it’s a relief to have good standards to live by. Very Classy by Derek Blasberg. A great tool for self-evaluation. Some parts were funny and insightful, but for the most part it was idiotic with not so subtle jabs at celebrities who the author clearly does not get along with.

It’s a fun, simple read. You must pick up this book knowing that it instructs you on how to be Blasberg’s definition of ‘classy’. Mascha rated it liked it Jan 07, I kept reading it nonstop just like the first book! Thanks for telling us about the problem.