Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Annette von Droste-Hülshoff’s The Jew’s Beech (Die Judenbuche) is brilliantly constructed with apparent artlessness on a platform of paradoxes. It is a tale that . Die Judenbuche / The Jew’s Beech-Tree: German | English (German and English Edition) [Annette von Droste-Hülshoff, Lillie Winter] on *FREE*.

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He half opened his eyes and saw the Jewish inscription just above him, much overgrown, but still quite recognizable.

The Jew’s Beech

Time passes, with nothing much happening except that the squire finds that judenbuchw are reasons to conclude that Friedrich did not, in fact, commit the murder. For all he cares the cows can graze the ears off my head. His eyes wandered quickly over the clearing and then rested with particular keenness on the boy. Halfway down the hill-side he stood still, leaned upon his staff, and gazed steadfastly at the lights. The damage in the forests was becoming so great that the measures taken against it were increased to a hitherto unknown rigor; the forests were patrolled day and night, farm servants and men servants were armed and detailed to help the rangers.

Both ways it was unbearable.

But when nothing was any use, and the judicial proceedings were declared closed, on the following morning there appeared at the castle a number of the most respected Jews to arrange a deal with the master. He is very similar physically to Friedrich, as shown when his mother mistakes the two on their first meeting. My playtime is over, I must earn money now.

But only for an instant. A child so dear Is born to us to-day Of a Virgin pure that Joy be ours always. Margaret looked silently and sadly into the boiling water. He would have given much to see his uncle’s face, but while they whispered together the sky had become overcast.


Towards ten o’clock she raked together the ashes in the fireplace and prepared for bed. It was her husband’s staff, and almost at the same moment the dog burst through the undergrowth carrying something in his mouth; it was her husband’s shoe. By this time it was growing late. He had almost the look of a fiery man atoning for the theft of sacks; Frederick followed him, straight and tall for his age, with fine, almost noble features, and long fair hair which was in better order than was to be expected from the rest of his appearance; otherwise ragged, sunburnt, and with a sort of raw melancholy in his looks.

The father loved him very much, and never came home without bringing him a bit of cake, or something of that sort, and people even thought he had improved since the birth of his child; at least the noise in the house was much less.

We have carried them together, and now I am alone! A stealthy, proud smile crossed the mother’s face: About four o’clock Brandes said: Close to Heerser Cliff, and the tower of Heerser church was just below us. The coolness was so pleasant to his limbs that he closed his eyes. Margaret stood quite still and let the children alone. His dog lay a short distance from him close to the cows, which, untroubled by the forest rules, were browsing as much on the young green of the trees as on the grass, and blowing contentedly in the fresh morning air.

O, Jesus Christ, my own dear love Who came as man from heaven above Redeem thou us from hell! There is a time for everything. When they had all disappeared one after the other into the undergrowth, Brandes went close to the boy: Mention of these matters, like a short poem on the theme of not being overly hasty in judgment when we all might fall, sets a moral perspective to the story.


Arrived at home, he found the entire entrance hall filled with servants gathered round two of the farm hands who had sunk down pale and breathless on the stairs. He looked up sadly: He went straight up to his wretched double with an air of judenbuchr dignity and independence that showed up the difference between the two otherwise amazingly similar boys.

The woman went silently to the fire and added fresh fuel. After a while the villagers come to think that they can identify him as Johannes. As soon as Margaret regained consciousness she was anxious to get rid of the strangers.

The Jew’s Beech (Die Judenbuche) by Annette von Droste-Hülshoff, |

They reached the beech. Frederick had seen his father lying blue and horrible on the judnebuche. You know me, and you understand me as well. Simon rarely spoke of him, and then badly; the Jewess comforted herself and took another husband. He and Friedrich disappear on the same day. In that case he would spend the night with Salomon the butcher at B.

Die Judenbuche by Annette von Droste-Hülshoff

But she was silent and agreed to everything. From there I got aboard a Dutch ship. She was used to hearing her son complain, but to-day he seemed more exhausted than ever before.