Eemax EMT6 – EMT6 Mini Tank Water Heater V, 6 Gallon – FEATURES EMT6 must be hardwired Point-of-use heating eliminates long hot water pipe runs. Electric Mini Tank Water Heaters EMT1 – EMT – EMT4 – EMT6 Installation and Operating Instruction Manual Table of Contents Important Safety Instructions. Get Eemax EMT6 Instructions / Assembly. Get all Eemax manuals!.

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No Tepid Water Model Available: There are 2 questions and 1 answers for this product. Scale deposits can affect the heating capability of the element. All shipments of parts from the Manufacturer to the Owner to replace defective components shall be made via normal ground transportation.

Eemax EMT6 Manuals

Water is not hot enough 1. The temperature adjusting knob will increase the temperature by turning the knob clockwise and decrease the water temperature by turning the knob counter clockwise.

The Eemax Mini tank water heaters are lightweight and compact and manufactured for easy installation. If light does not come on, check that the reset button is pushed in; follow steps from previous section. The water heaters are very reliable a good quality product. Hydrogen gas can be produced in a hot water system served by this heater that has not been used for a long period of time generally 2 weeks or more.

Tankless Water Heater Solutions for You | Eemax

Check local eemqx state building codes prior to installation. Must terminate at an adequate drain. Turn the temperature knob counter clockwise to a lower temperature setting.


Insure that the water heater is installed in a level position. Turn off the power switch and unplug the water heater from the electric outlet. Remove thermostat knob and unscrew two retaining emg6.

The element can be descaled chemically or manually. As with any appliance, close supervision is necessary when used by children. If temperature does not lower within 60 minutes, then replace thermostat.

Remove cover and inspect heating element gasket. Water is too hot 1. Must NOT be plugged or blocked. The water heater is equipped with an overheat limiting device with a manual reset. Water Pressure psi Weight empty lbs. Page 17 Exclusions of Coverage from this Limited Warranty 1. Otherwise any air remaining in the tank will cause the water heater element to self destruct. Remove the heating element see above.

This water heater must be grounded. Turn off the cold water supply to the water heater.

Eemax 6 Gal. Mini Tank Water Heater 120vac EMT6

Tell us what’s missing. Heavy scale can even cause the element to burn out. The shut off device may activate as a result of a power outage or an electrical storm. This shut down will occur when water temperatures exceed F.

The water heater wmt6 equipped with a thermostat and a high limit temperature switch. Install new thermostat, attach wires and tighten screws. Emt66 – Pre-heated or Cold water feed.


AnonymousSCMarch 06, Must not have more than two elbows. The water heater or any of its component parts have been subject to misuse, alteration, neglect or accident; or b. EMT models are designed to operate at psi maximum water pressure.

Must not have more than two elbows. To descale chemically, soak the heating element in white vinegar or other descaling solution and then rinse well with fresh water. Odor in water 1. Install or locate this water heater only in accordance eejax the provided installation instructions. Call a service person plumber or electrician for service assistance.

EMT models can replace traditional central hot water heaters thereby conserving water and reducing energy waste. The water heater or any of its component parts eemxx been subject to misuse, alteration, neglect or accident; or b. Do not attempt to reset the high limit switch without first allowing eeemax water heater to cool down the high temperature water inside the heater.

Insure that the water heater is installed in a level position. There should be no smoking or open flame near the faucet at this time.

Small size but gives hot water instead of waiting for warm water through an insta-hot style heater.