FAA 8500-7 PDF

certificate by the Examiner if the applicant meets the visual acuity standards and the Report of Eye Evaluation (FAA Form – 7) indicates. Fill Faa Form 7, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Try Now!. Medical Forms & Medical Releases» FAA Medical Forms and Guidelines FAA Form , Request for Pilot Records · FAA Form , REPORT OF EYE.

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If you are about to post something that involves afa exchange of goods or services for money, run it by the mods first. Posts about the non-aviating aspects of airlines planespotting, passenger experience, frequent flyer programs do not belong here. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

Also, go over the FAA documen-tation requirements beforehand and make certain that the surgeon is willing to jump through those hoops, or it will all have been in vain as far as keeping you in the air is concerned.

She is nervous because she is not sure what will be entailed in the test. Cite sources when appropriate. Certain questions, such as “how do I become a pilot” and the like have been 8500–7 repeatedly in the past. In that case, most private insurers will also grant a waiver. Check out faaa discord channel! The brochure says to send this form directly to the Aerospace Medical Certification Division. Good to know it isn’t a big deal. From reading the materials, it seems they are only interested in documenting that fa vision is stable and you are good to go.


Are the special docs you mentioned only needed if you got lasik after the initial medical issuance? Place them in front of your regular sunglasses and accept the fact that you will look strange to people you may meet along the way. A good friend of mine was talking about her nerves for an upcoming aviation medical exam she may take. Want to add to the discussion?

I had lasik years before I went in for my medical; I disclosed it to the AME and he didn’t ask for anything before issuing my medical.

There is a countermeasure. He looked them over after the consultation and he told me he’d fill it out after the next post-op check in one month. I think he just wanted to wait until my last exam when my corneas are fully healed.

Sending in that FAA after Lasik : flying

For example, a story from your checkride. At least for controllers, the answer is yes. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Medicare and Cataracts For those having Medicare coverage which, unfortunately, caa what the great majority of pilots with cataracts are going to havethere is a greater challenge. In essence, the FAA has determined that the risk of you conking out in the cockpit is too great.

Post something that you would like to discuss! Be nice to each other. To those of you who 800-7 done this, do you hear anything back from the FAA after you send in the forms?

Why is it taking your doc that long? Well you definitely don’t want to send that form in until your doctor thinks your vision has recovered, so maybe he thinks it’s not quite there yet. Again, you want maximum light transmission. Worse case, he will require the optometrist to fill out an FAA report instead of accepting their standard examination documentation. Distance vision is a horse of a different color.


Tell him or faq you need a printed report of the examina-tion results. This includes requests for donations. As we age, cloudiness often appears and then becomes greater and greater.


Blogspam isn’t welcome here. Winning the Vision Game. It definitely shouldn’t take a month to go through unless maybe there are some weird issues. Refrain from posting anything that does not pertain to pilots, students, instructors 85000-7 other aviation professionals.

These requirements are not difficult to meet with a little help from your optometrist. They’re a wealth of information. Passing the Visual Acuity Tests To better the odds, resolve to not use contact lenses during your examination; they will not allow you to see as well as standard eyeglasses. You will find many answers to questions you may have, such as how to become a pilot.

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Had Lasik done on a Thursday, drove 4 hours home the next day. Not a huge inconvenience for me, I’m just flying for fun. The human eye has a property called Dynamic Range. To continue the sports analogy, an eventual certification by CAMI means you still win, but in overtime. My vision is great and there were no complications, but I fza say my night time vision is not quite there yet. When you walk back into a darkened area, the iris quickly opens up but it takes time for the signal from the optic nerve to reach maximum again.