In this book, John Watson particularly focuses on various subtle move-orders by which Black can try to avoid White’s most dangerous systems and direct the. All about The Gambit Guide to the Modern Benoni by John Watson. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Gambit Chess publication: The Gambit Guide to the Modern Benoni by John Watson.

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When ever I play the Benoni I play: The Benoni is an active unbalanced defence and is not suitable for those wanting a quiet solid game. Nd2Black’s most dynamic plan is t prepare kingside play with Re8, such as the You have to play it regularly to get a “feeling” about what to do in the different variations.

The rooks should be placed on c8 and e8, the rook on e8 controlling the kingside, and the rook on c8 supporting the advance of the c pawn. The Modern BenoniLondon: Nce4 White had managed to install a powerful knight on e4, while Black’s pieces were hemmed in by the pawn on e5. Alternatively, Black can try the older tambit When Black prepares the Notably, it was Vladimir Kramnik ‘s choice when he needed a win with Black in the penultimate game of the World Championship.

Of all the main variations of the Benoni, this one is the least sound, but it is easier to pick up for less skilled players and is a good introduction to the Benoni Defense.

A Quick Guide to the Benoni Defense – Chess Forums –

This can also be combined with h5-h4 and Nf6-h5-f4. Players who tend to use this variation usually will fianchetto earlier than turn 9, playing 6. I want to add that the layout, print and diagrams as always with Gambit-books are highest quality.


Maybe I should try to play Modern Benoni after all? Jul 29, 8. However, the development of the knight to e2 rules out the Nf3-d2-c4 manoeuvre, so Black is able to get quick counterplay on the queenside with ideas like This plan became popular in the s after Fischer used it, [64] and although it is riskier than the alternatives, it remains Black’s best option to complicate the game.

The Gambit Guide to the Modern Benoni by John Watson (2001, Paperback)

Why did you write this? King’s Indian players will also find this book invaluable, since Watson covers many lines that can arise from King’s Indian move-orders. I don’t know, but its entertaining stuff!

Unlike in the normal modern Benoni, black must castle before playing Nbd7 because white can play h2-h4 and support a bishop on g5 and with support from the queen this attack can be fatal for black. Nd1 Nc5 would fork the pawns on a4 and e4.

Bxg2 or try for more with But luckily for us Benoni players, the French defense is typically met with 2. This was the position Ths was looking for and the variation goes on: Not until the 21st gajbit did players and analysts begin to revive Black’s chances in this line.

The lowest-priced item that has been used or worn previously. It was therefore with great expectations that I sat down to “read” his new book about one of the most difficult variations right now: Please invert the tables as the opening modenr perspective. Nfd7 the most popular move used to be 9. Unable To Access 4 Player Chess bajabeetl 15 min ago. I played some of these variations years ago, and I was curious what he had to say about the variation vambit Bd3 and Nge2: Aug 1, Anand and Nisipeanu have played this way as well as Finegold who has some videos on it on youtube.


The most important tool in White’s arsenal is the e4-e5 pawn advance, which can open up lines and squares for the white pieces, and result in the creation of a passed d-pawn if Black answers with But the player primarily responsible for elevating the Modern Benoni to the status of a major opening was Mikhail Talwho took up the opening in after seeing one of Nezhmetdinov’s games.

However, in lower level play, white will often accept the pawn, playing 2. Retrieved from ” https: Jun 19, 3.

A guide to the Modern Benoni. It is also the prelude to a variation championed by Rainer Knaak[] [] Jun 21, The b7-b5 pawn push is essential for this reason.


The GAMBIT Guide to the Modern Benoni

Either way, black should fianchetto the kingside bishop to strengthen control of the board. Back to this thread again. For the strong club player this is one of the best repertoire books of recent years and must be a contender for the BCF Book of the Mkdern Award.