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A Oscilloscope Operating and Service Manual. Part Number: ( Aug 76). The A is no longer sold by Keysight; this manual is provided for. To buy, sell, rent or trade-in this product please click on the link below: http://www ยท MODEL A. OSCILLOSCOPE. HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY/ COLORADO SPRINGS DIVISION. GARDEN OF THE GODS ROAD, COLORADO.

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HF Reject Main Sweep: Corroded spots are best removed with soap and water.

With the A probe on the Cal 1v, only channel A selected and ho vertical position pot on MAX, I can see the square wave pulse at the botton of the screen.

The reference voltage is applied to A8U1 pin 3. Service Information, Interface Assembly A14 Substrate A5A1 np nine thick-film resis- tors, one high-frequency monolithic chip, and two discrete transistor chips. Set signal generator controls to obtain a MHz, mV p-p signal. Remove HV cover MP Transistor A7Q7 provides internal sync drive for main sweep, and A7Q8 provides internal sync drive for delayed sweep.

Keysight Technologies (Agilent HP) A used or new for sale at used-line

HP A Vertical Mod Replacement for Component Locator in 11740a As the intensity knob is rotated clockwise, the beam will get brighter, up to a point; beyond this point it will decrease in brilliance and may defocus. For mV div and mV div, the second 140a section again steps to the X2 and X4 attenuation ranges. The unrectified cathode voltage in the second- ary of the high-voltage transformer is applied to a multiplier assembly where it is multiplied four times.


Displays the channel B input signal. No time relation displayed.

If the supplies return to normal, then an external short is definitely loading the supply. Remove two cable connector plugs.

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FigureComponent Locator. An interlock is incorporated so the delayed sweep is al- ways faster than the main sweep. All the etched circuit boards have plated-through component holes. To service the rotary switches on assemblies A8 and A9, proceed as follows: Abbreviations for Replaceable Parts List.

To reinstall CRT, reverse removal procedure; however, do not tighten clamp screw until after shield is secured with four screws and CRT is positioned against front mount. The preamplifier substrate contains 31 thick- film resistors and three monolithic chips: Check contact on both rotor sections. A Up B Control. This record can be removed from the manual and retained as a permanent record of the incoming inspection or hhp maintenance performed on the instrument.


Oscilloscope A Equipment Hewlett-Packard, HP; Palo Alto,

The preamplifier provides sweep gain adjustment, sweep magnification adjustment MAG X10horizontal position, beam find control, and X10 magnification centering. If grid and cathode voltages are present on A15, verify that voltages are present at the CRT socket; a faulty socket or wire can cause an 1740s circuit.

Magnifies the vertical presenta- tion five times, and increases the maxi- mum sensitivity t” I mV div. Disconnect plug to Gate Amplifier Assembly A Disconnect Gate Amplifier Assembly A12 from.

The instrument is normally set at the factory for volt operation. Time Base Troubleshooting