ARAHAN TEKNIKJALAN INI DI CETAK PADA SEPTEMBER Design – JKR/J{Rb)/82″ Whioh was pubUshe:l in August. 19 It is to be used foP the. Arahan Teknik (Jalan) 2C/85 – Temporary Signs and Work Zones Control. Cawangan Jalan, Ibu Pejabat JKR, K.L Page 1 FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY. Any comments should be sent to Cawangan Jalan,Ibu pejabat JKR, Kuala Lumpur. Page 1 ARAHAN TEKNIK (JALAN) 1/85 FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY PART I.

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11/87 (A Guide to the Design of At-Grade Interchange)

Optimum highway, the vertical axis of the barrier should barrier system performance is provided by a be inclined in order to remain perpendicular to level surface in front of the barrier.

An alternative system is as shown in Fig. For nighttime conditions, similar training session and all flaggers need period outside garments and the flags used shall be ic reminders as well, as close supervision.

Portable concrete barriers accomplished with lines of traffic cones or may be precast sections with built-in con other channelizing devices.

An example is shown in Fig. Layout design and application of Layout design and application of destination signs are shown in Figure distance signs are shown Figure 3. On the immediate approaches, in advance and beyond the curve, the delineators shall be of silver or white colour, used in pairs, one on each side of the road directly apposite each other.

However, for economic consideration and ease of maintenance, standard systems are adopted 2. It can be used as temporary markings because it can be removed easily even after an extended time period. An advance warning sign should be zone is the distance between the first used when any problems or conflicts with advance warning sign and the point beyond the flow of traffic may be anticipated. The increased visibility provided by shoulder and there is no interference which floodlighting may enable the driver to requires the adjacent traveled lan ‘to be y see distracting portions of the work area.


Use larger signs when greater visibility is desired, as with high speed or volume.

Kerbs which may be a hazard to through traffic may be painted in black and white segments not exceeding 1. For day and night use, lights capable of either flashing or sequential arrow panels.

The broken line shall consists of strokes of equal length separated by uniform gaps. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Standard letterings are shown in Traffic signs exceeding 1. For some-moving operations, walk decide whether. However, on mountainous terrain or with short radius curves, use a 4.

It may also be used on approaches to intersections. On 4-lane undivided rural roads, the centre line shall consists of two unbroken white lines, each mm wide and separated by a space of mm. The no-passing barrier lines should also be used on two-way roadways at pavement width transitions and on approaches to obstructions.

Arahan Teknik Jalan 2D-85-RoadMarkingDileanation

This can be done by and 2 vehicle snagging on a post is virtually eliminated. The obstructed space available for lateral teknjk traffic volume. All standard traffic signs are to use High Intensity retro-reflective sheeting on their faces.

If this is not possible,traffic barriers b large boulders, are to be installed. The dimensions of longitudinal lines are shown in Fig. For the more busy city streets a continuous white line, mm wide, may be used where it is desirable to discourage crossing of the line. Geknik le signs shall be at least 0. However, if a Stop Sign cannot be located exactly where vehicles are expected to stop, the Stop Sign line should be placed at the Stopping point.

The roadway or bridge structure are not warranted if median width exceeds 15 cross-section, and metres except on the basis of adverse accident experience. Standard traffic signs drawings for Regulatory, Warning and Guide signs are illustrated complete with dimensions. Tests have shown considered impracticable. Under substantial impact feknik guardrail has iii.


Arahan Teknik Jalan 2DRoadMarkingDileanation

Care should be taken to ensure that the shoulder will not appear as another traffic lane to drivers, in which case diagonal line markings as shown in Fig. Pilah 6 Bahau – 7 Port Dickson Pt. Transvere lines should be wider than longitudinal lines because of the narrowing which results from the low angle at which they are viewed.

To prevent an errant vehicle from striking the warranting feature, the installation must be extended a considerable distance upstream. Traffic control devices include signs, signals, b If channelizing devices, other than portable lighting units, pavement markings, delin barriers, are used, they should be lightweight eators, channelizing units, hand: Journal of Geographic Information SystemVol.

If two or more guardrail with any subsurface rock, services, systems satisfy lateral deflection requirements, or drainage structures or with surface final system selection can be made on the basis drainage paths, and of: Parking may be prohibited b Them decide how to control pedestrian and work should’ be scheduled during off traffic. When the correc- – workers tive action is taken, it should be – wind so noted in order that documentation is com- plete.

The standard ratio of gap to stroke of 5 to 3 shall be used. Based on the unobstructed space available iii. Existing Sign,locations and mounting heights may be overhead sign structures may be used for the adjusted above the minimum requirements signs.