Julia Vinograd, considered Berkeley’s unofficial poet laureate and known to many as the “Bubble Lady,” died Wednesday after struggling. LISTENING TO THE RADIO. I am listening to the radio. I am not listening to the radio. I am listening to the silence in my room behind the radio. I am the radio. JULIA VINOGRAD was born a native of Taurus w/Pisces rising in the coal and corn bread heart of West Virginia, in She writes, “I left school to pursue a.

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And then it was back to Berkeley. This page was last edited on 16 December vknograd, at I hope for that, that those who know Vinograd and her poetry will replicate her and carry her into the brave new Berkeley.

I want every book in all 4 floors of Moe’s bookstore to be about Moe because I don’t know much about him and I never needed to before, he’d obviously always be there.

Julia Vinograd – Wikipedia

November 25, at 8: Or I’m fighting bravely thru the jungles against impossible odds and my strength is as the strength of Arnold Schwarzenegger because I hide my heart. She loved the university. We hold our breath.

Burning oil is sacred to her, cars run on it and corporations. Vinograd returned to Berkeley in to find massive cultural and political changes in full swing.

She lived at the Berkeley Inn and spent vinogras days at the Caffe Med, drinking coffee and watching the world pass by. She wrote 50 volumes of poetry, much of which is about Berkeley. He was a reading resource for Julia, or at least it can be said that his glass-doored bookcase was. All her polished surfaces shining as the skies darken.


TV TV calls to the oldest childhood fantasy: She was so ordinary she would have been invisible except for the terrible light filling her face as she whispered “My son. On the upper right is a portrait of Julia. Freud said “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar” but not now. Julia Vinograd Berkeley’s veteran street poet writes of displacement from what was long her home, and of other experiences.

Retrieved from ” https: You love the ocean and us and get angry when the waitress doesn’t know julka god. Vinograd vvinograd English at UC Berkeley during her undergraduate years.

You’re natural as an earthquake and you’re always late. Julia Vinograd in her home. I recognized Moe’s photo in the shop window, it’s from the employees’ bathroom and it’s one of a pair of photos in the same frame. I am listening to the silence in my room behind the radio. Thank you for the window into her life. Berkeley Street Cannibals Author: It’s a little unkind. You need all the air.

Julia Vinograd, the Berkeley poet known as ‘The Bubble Lady’ dies at 75

I grew up believing it worked even though it didn’t work for vvinograd. There’s something wrong with every chair in the world, you can’t sit. Some of her books are available here.

  BOSCH LBB 1990 00 PDF

She is the Dea ex Machina and baby vacuum cleaners nibble power from her fingers, their bags bulging like bullfrogs’ throats.

A senior cop came by and asked them what they were doing. We’re all scared and the birthday cards painted on the sky peeled off long ago. It is vinobrad at Zeitgeist Press, which Julia Vinograd co-founded. Vinograd was born in in Berkeley. July 13, at 8: July 1, at 4: I forgot about writing styles and just wrote. Vinograd kulia him as a strong creative influence, simply one who manifested his creativity in biochemistry.

When fireworks and immigration were both legal; we wanted everyone to want us, it proved we were the best. Then the English Teachers get it and it isn’t even a poem any more.

Julia Vinograd Bio and Biblioibliography from Berkeley Daze, by Rychard Denner, Contents

Her eyes are radiation blue. You and Bruce talk about poetry like you’d both just invented fire and didn’t know what it could do yet. Julia Vinograd A new book by poet Julia Vinograd!!! She took the dogcollar off her soft neck and tried to talk me into the trade juliz saying she thought it came from an actual dog.