Keda, a manufacturer of large-scale machinery in China, had successfully deployed an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that was paying for itself. Before ERP implementation efforts began, Keda estab- lished a set of selection criteria by which all possible so- lutions would be judged. This was significant. Keda’s SAP – Download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /. pptx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

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Where were the business managers? On a more implenentation note, Zhu went to great lengths to ensure that the project team worked as an integral unit. By conducting system training and system testing in parallel, time was saved, and users were able to identify potential malfunctions and gaps. Existing problems were jeda, business requirements were collected from Use outside these parameters is a copyright violation. Fortunately, senior management was supportive. This responsibility was given to the key users, who were tasked with writing the specific requirements for the system by describing the inputs and outputs.

His approach emphasized user involvement as a critical success factor: The chairman of the board himself was present at five meetings, four of which dealt with the progress and status of the computerization project. The selected key users then transferred their acquired knowledge and skills to other users. In brief, top management would provide overall project direction and make critical decisions; consulting support would be provided by personnel from Digital China; project managers would be assigned from both Keda and Digital China; departmental representatives would oversee the business process redesign and system design aspects; and the IT department would provide all necessary technical support.


Log In Sign Up. At one point, their computers were moved to our office, and we literally worked together. Each ERP system module was assigned an owner from the associated department, who was fully responsible for the workflows and operational details of that module.


The operations and workflow in many departments had to be modified and kedq, and the organization structure required adjustments to accommodate the ERP system. These orders did not bring high profits, and management shifted its focus from developing foreign markets to controlling costs. At that time, Dr. In devising the plan, Zhu relied heavily on Benjun Zhang, imp,ementation eventually became the head of the IT department.

Not surprisingly, this scheme was not popular. Each of these projects would be completed in phases. After one month, he could not cope anymore and decided to bypass the Implementatino system. Another challenge faced by Keda and similar enterprises related to inventory management. Problems surfaced immediately and quickly translated into production delays.

Kedawas utterly satisfied with the outcome implemmentation the SAP project. Understandably, he was under tremendous pressure, faced with the dilemma of having to direct resources both to the immediate and emergent impkementation of the company, and to the development and execution of an overarching computerization plan.

In these referrals, vendors would likely put forth their most successful cases, and by comparing real production environments in the industry, we had a much better idea what suited us.

Satisfying the former needs would likely ensure smooth operation in the short term and hence ease the pressure Zhu would face from senior management. Fan Zhu came on board as the new head of the IT department.

To expedite the entire process, an aggressive big-bang implementatio was adopted. Furthermore, Keda derived its competitive advantages not from proprietary business processes but from omplementation innovation and price competition. The Case Centre is dedicated to advancing the case method worldwide, sharing knowledge, wisdom and experience to inspire and transform business education across the globe. Satisfying the latter needs, however, would be more proactive in directing the future development of the company, the trade-off being disturbances to business in the short run.

In the Chinese context, organizational culture is imposed. For example, inventory management was previously decentralized and each workshop had its own inventory. There were three main roles: The company generally lacked internal IT expertise, and building a large team for such development would be expensive and time-consuming.


At the same time, selected key users were responsible for preparing operating manuals for all users. Page 10 9B11E Of course, forced compliance was not the only way Keda dealt with issues.

For instance, after system rollout some users were not completely satisfied with system operations and interfaces, and they requested system modifications to the IT department.

When top management demanded changes, they were accepted. Then everything else is easy, and can be solved by an increase in zap. We used to struggle with machine press production, where delays were common. In recruiting departmental representatives, Zhu made sure to involve vital representatives, such as Use outside these parameters is a copyright violation.

Zhang explained the reasoning for rolling out the new system in August: View our pricing guide or login to see prices. Because most prominent ERP systems were originally developed for users in North America and Western Europe in mind, some had suggested that cultural complications might arise in the Chinese setting. He was also present for some of the regular project meetings, blueprint design briefing and the project launch ceremony. Previously we produced about six machine presses per month, and faced constant pressure from senior management.

Data was a main issue. We prefer renting or buying existing solutions for anything outside of our core business and competency. We were more inclined to adopt the model the system was originally designed for, and make changes to the workflow and its management. After visiting several enterprises, we observed something very interesting.

There was no way the IT department alone could do that. Implementatio vendor offering was rated according to strategic alignment goals. There was no way the IT department alone could have achieved so much. Success or failure hinged on the key users, since they dictated the future workflow.