Virginie Despentes. “I want to underline every word in this book,” Ruth texted Emily on the day she started reading King Kong Theory. Don’t let the word “theory ”. King Kong Theorie by Virginie Despentes La Couleur pourpre by Alice Walker La Vie Heureuse by Nina Bouraoui La Servante écarlate by Margaret Atwood La. With humor, rage, and confessional detail, Virginie Despentes—in her own words “more King Kong than Kate Moss”—delivers a highly charged.

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May finish one more yet, but all caught up before Que no me vengan a contar que las cosas han evolucionado tanto y que ya no es lo que era. Her context, other than being French and a woman, is three-fold: Without children you will never be fulfilled as a woman, but bringing up kids in decent conditions is almost impossible.

And if they did, they’d leave their marriages and society would crumble, which is not in the interest of the powers-that-be, and so is prevented by keeping hookers “dirty”. She explodes common attitudes about sex and gender, and shows how modern beauty myths are ripe for rebelling against. No quiero que me digan lo que tengo que hacer. Despentes in March So this book, despite its flaws, is strongly recommended if only for creating a tough feminist framework which intelligent men can relate to.

King Kong Theorie by Virginie Despentes

Mixing general observations and personal experience, Despentes talks about the s It is not necessary to agree with Virginie Despentes in all points to appreciate this passionate pamphlet against toxic masculinity in the context of gender relations, societal norms, the class system and capitalism. Los Beatles se ven obligados a dejar de actuar: Hablo con ejemplos del lenguaje fiolo, un lenguaje que tapa, maquilla y vidginie la realidad.


Inshe directed her first film, Baise-moian adaptation of her own novel. At one point, Despentes suggests that if women realised they could sell sex without compromising their dignity, “the marriage virvinie would be shown up for what it is: Thoughtful as usual, I think Despentes is making some very important, if uncomfortable for many, points.

One component that makes this text so special is that the author gains her authority not only from studying feminist theory though she does quote Angela Davis, Gail Pheterson, Annie Sprinkle, and Simone de Beauvoir thotie adds an elaborate bibliography to the bookbut from experiencing many things she discusses: In fact I disagree quite strongly with some of it.

Me di cuenta de muchas cosas. With a transgressive exploration of obscenity’s limits, [1] as a novelist or a film-maker she proposes social critique and an antidote to the new moral order.

King Kong Theorie

But guess what, Mrs. Cat on Savidge Reads at the Man Booke…. From toshe wrote a blog that documented her daily life. There were quite a few topics I would have loved for her to expand on – such as her hypotheses about rapists’ motivations and opinions about what they’ve done – but I guess they didn’t seem as meaningful to her.

She writes of the damage it did to her but also of her refusal to let it define her subsequent existence although, in fact, it has, as the very fact of writing ‘Baise-Moi’ testifies.


Virginie Despentes

She is ‘more King Kong than Kate Moss’, hence the title. Igoni Barrett 1 A. Y no lo expone por voyerista, sino para teorizar respecto de los roles culturales asignados a hombres y mujeres.

Tiene una entrevista klng completa en feminicidio. Nov 11, Camille rated it it was amazing. Tengo subidones de hormonas que me causan estallidos de agresividad.

Virginie Despentes – Wikipedia

Inshe wrote three songs for the album Va chercher la police for the group A. You are commenting using your WordPress.

But place these two concerns – over-promising and particularity – to one side and you are left with something that every woman and most men should read. Topics Society books The Observer. Then she makes boring observations that have always been obvious to me.

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No me interesa ni la barba ni la testosterona, yo tengo todo el coraje y la agresividad que necesito. This indicates that the only way of getting rid of the sacrificial ritual of porn would be to bring in high society girls. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Llamemos a las cosas por su nombre, le choque a quien le choque. Sep 28, leynes rated it really liked it.