In this post, we explore no non-sense techniques for how to use a kubotan in a real situation of self defense. Watch and practice basic kubotan techniques. Drill down the the fundamentals in this post and then build up other advanced techniques using. Official Kubotan Techniques [Takayuki Kubota] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Self defense is serious business, and sometimes even the.

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It is about 5 and a half inches long and half an inch wide. This is not to say that martial arts are not effective or useful in street fighting, they actually are but if the main goal is learning how to defend yourself in a street fight, then learning a martial art might not be the most effective way.

In this kubotan DVD program, you will learn: Here are some videos that will help you get the feeling of how the Kubaton is used for self defense to stop an attacker or to allow yourself enough time to escape.

Michael Sleep Alberta, Canada. Essentially, this means you will need to work on strengthening your hand grip. But; does kubotan really work, you might ask. Here are some of the highest reviewed Kubotans on the market:. As a matter of fact, there are a broad range of effecive techniques that can be used with just a minimal amount of training. So, the basic idea is to master fundamental effective combatives using the Kubotan because those will come naturally to you in a tough situation.

How to use a Kubotan for self defense? Since kubotans are used as everyday key chainsthe key portion can be used a flailing weapon to swipe across an attacker’s face.

Previous post How to use a Kubotan for self defense? This instructional DVD will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to use the kubotan with confidence. The mini stick is also the perfect self defense weapon for pressure point fighting because it permits a smaller person to generate a tremendous amount of striking power.

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This Kubotan adds the option of metal prongs that will stick out between your fingers. But, if you do use it on a pressure point you can have faster results in stopping your attacker.

This will help you to learn different kubotan techniques and applications. Kubotan Instruction Excellent small device to carry with you even you are not a professional martial artist.

Kubotan Techniques: Contemporary Fighting Arts

And, because it is attached to a keychain, the kubotan is meant to be readily available when you are feeling threatened, so you can simply take hold and prepare yourself and not like like techjiques insane person holding a stun gun when anyone remotely suspicious walks by. View all 33 reviews. And if you use what you will learn in this DVD you will never be unarmed. There are a lot of basic techniques that even a beginner will be able to be able to perform. Ideally, the best human kubottan for striking with a kubotan are those highly sensitive “bony targets” that are closest to the surface of the skin.

This stance is best used kuvotan some type of natural gesticulation. Kubotan high concealment – this concealment is used when your opponent is close to you either the punching or grappling ranges of unarmed self defense. There are several different grips you can use to use this weapon effectively.

This gives you an added benefit when using the weapon with both a jabbing and punching movement. This depends of course on the nature and criticality of the situation. It can even result in immediate loss of consciousness.

This is a low-cost product that can be used by men, women, and any other experienced users. Kubotans are often used as self-defence weapons these days, and so really anyone who feels like they need something extra to protect themselves can use one. When you hold it in your fist it also allows you the option to use your fist to punch as well. This Kubotan is slightly thicker and more solid than the previous one. It is easiest to keep hold of the Kubotan when gripping it in your fist instead of holding it in a position that allows you to jab with it.


What follows is a brief list of viable targets that you can use in a self defense situation. Always check with your local law enforcement agency to see if there are any laws that would prohibit you from owning, carrying or concealing a kubotan.

Today we talk about how to use a kubotan keychain stick for self defence. The Kubotan can be an extremely helpful weapon for self-defense. However, there are specific measures you can take to minimize the chances of losing your weapon in a self defense situation. Not only will the body opponent bag develop the accuracy of your strikes, it will also strengthen your hand grip and improve the overall structural integrity of your blows. The Kubotan stick is simply a five to six inch long stick self defense weapon and is derived from the Japanese yawara stick.

Starting with stances, and moving into strikes and scenarios. Below is a kubotan strike chart and targets diagram. The training is based on realistic situations and how to deal with them. It also bares some similarities to the Japanese yawara stick, koppo stick, the tactical pen, and a police baton miniaturized.

How to Use a Kubotan Keychain Stick and Self-Defence Spike

Your free hand is up while your hand holding the kubotan is down by your hips, concealed behind kubota forearm. Below you can see a diagram of the exact pressure points to target using a Kubotan so you get them right every time.

This youtube video illustrates the basic grip of the kubotan, the instructor also demonstrates different angles of attacks and pressure points you should target with the kubotan for maximum impact.