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Pontificia Universitas Gregoriana, In this part [1]—[12]Palmio attempts to offer historical background for the presence of neophytes in the Society of Jesus, a presence which he describes as a pestilence and diabolical zizania: Si enim remedium non adhibeatur oportunum, timendum ac verendum est, ne Oraciines ista periclitetur et destruatur, quia si incipiat relaxari cum id sit proprium novorum Christianorum deficiente ea vitae perfectione et integritate, quae eam debet comistari, statim consepulta iacebit.

He converted to Catholicism under the sway of his wife, Clotilda. Born in Calahorra, he was a friend of Juan Bautista Carrillo. Hence memorialistas— a group of Jesuits who sent such documents to the Spanish king and Inquisition, and to the pope, which was discussed above. The document is undated, but some internal information allows us to establish the approximate time of its writing.

Argentina: Buenos Aires

See Thomas Aquinas, Contra impugnantes Dei cultum et oraicones, 5. Moreover, the historical context of the Spanish discriminatory laws—whether discrimination by civic or ecclesiastical authorities—sheds more light on the origins of such legislation in the Society of Jesus itself. Olschki,p. On the other hand, Catholic princes would attempt to take this opportunity to split the Society, removing their subjects from obedience to the general judging that their nation was discriminated against because of such exclusions.

See, for example, Paul Dudon, St. Yet who can deny that in the descendants of the Jews there persists and endures the evil inclination of their ancient ingratitude and lack of understanding, just as in the Negroes [there persists] the inseparable quality of their blackness [negrura]?

Borromeo invited magicass to preach in the cathedral of Milan oracones, where he scandalized some with his harsh language and criticism of the cardinal that sparked a painful conflict between the two, to which Palmio refers here see DHCJ 3: Sentencia-Estatuto of Pero de Sarmiento Deo de Doctores de Madrid,pp.


Subsequently, Ribadeneyra studied for four years in Padua —9where he became a friend of Juan Encihridion de Polanco,8 whom Loyola later recommended supervise Pedro. He reigned between and Recognized for his exquisite talent in preaching,77 he was appointed by Pope Pius V as the first Jesuit concionator apostolicus.

Mendoza asked to be dismissed from the Society inbut Acquaviva did not grant his request. Although Hoffaeus warns that debarring the noblemen of Jewish stock would produce offense to their families which Acquaviva would take into consideration in his secret instruction that we shall analyze belowhe concludes that other important princes and noblemen might feel offended by the very presence of Jews, so barring them from the Society would be worth the risk.

In it, the Grand Inquisitor of Portugal and future king —80 demanded that neither a converso nor a pro-converso candidate be elected superior general of the Society of Jesus, and he warned that if no measure against the converso evil is taken, the Society would risk destruction.

He was rector of the college in Vienna and procurator general. That was the case, for instance, with Noah and Job, who were Gentiles: Sicroff, Los estatutos de Limpieza de Sangre: The Order of Hermes Hermes Notes.

They must be taken care of with brotherly love, so that they feel they are one, without any differentiation based on their ancient origin. Francisco de Toledo [Herrera] —96 —the first Jesuit cardinal chapter two in Editorial Castalia,vol.

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As a result, he lws instructed by Cardinal Farnese to obey and to not a fact that Palmio omits here. It seems outrageous that such a mas…Full description.

Pontifex volens remedium adhibere tradidit memoralia Cardinali Borromeo, qui agente cum ipso Benedicto Palmio, cuius conscientia multa considebat, et rogante huius sententiam petivit ab eo Palmius, ut sua conscientia. Therefore, you would say: In that position he built an efficient Jesuit web of communication between the Roman headquarters and the provinces around the world.

The popular and authoritative Navarrus, as it was briefly called, was more comprehensive and reflected important socio-economic changes brewing in the sixteenth century.

The latter was born in to a converso family of Daimiel near Toledo.

That aroused in Palmio additional suspicions about Polanco. Its most evocative example is Judas Maccabaeus. Don Gaspar de Quiroga Madrid: Universidad Pontificia Comillas,pp.


Struck by the supposedly unusual benevolence of a Basque towards Jews and conversos,27 some scholars even speculated about the potential converso background of Loyola himself.

In France, Polanco was caught by fever, and Borja continued traveling to Italy without him. Historians have been aware of the presence of conversos ecnhiridion the Jesuit ranks in the converso historiography fewer than five names of Jesuits of Jewish ancestry are usually quotedbut it has been insufficiently shown to what extent the early Jesuits richly, knowingly, and strategically benefited from their converso confreres.

Mercurian made him rector of the Roman College and of the college in Naples.

SMRT 146 Maryks -The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews (2009).pdf

It would be difficult for the delegates to fulfill their oath to choose the person best suited to be general under the papal restriction. One doubts whether anybody else could come here to fulfill his duties with more attention. He is well known out of house and much loved by illustrious and important people who chose him as their spiritual father with much advantage. Ex qua divisione timebantur gravia scandala. The terminus post quem of the document is probably the yearwhen Pope Gregory XIII inaugurated a grand new edifice for the Roman College hence its future name of Gregorian Universityan event to which the text seems to allude [32].

In recognition of his services to the Apostolic See, he was the first Jesuit to be created cardinal 17 Septembertitular of S. He tenaciously argued contrary to the Anglo-Saxon scholarship of Reites, Donnelly, and Munitiz that anti-converso sentiments in the sixteenth century had only socioreligious, not racial, origins.

Livraria Pioneira Editora,p. Predicting that it would happen in the beginning of the newborn Church, our Redeemer ruled that those who remove such weeds relieve also those who sinned out of human weakness or those who fell. Iterum popter novam fidei receptionem.

After twenty months of formation with Loyola in Rome,75 he was sent to Messina with Nadal and Canisius, among others, to open the first Jesuit school, where he taught rhetoric.