MAN VISIBLE AND. INVISIBLE. EXAMPLES OF DIFFERENT TYPES OF MEN AS. SEEN BY MEANS OF TRAINED CLAIRVOYANCE. BY. C. W. LEADBEATER. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. By C. W. Leadbeater. Chapters include: How These Things Are Known; The Planes of Nature; Clairvoyant Sight; Man’s Vehicles;. Man, Visible and Invisible has 50 ratings and 3 reviews. This esoteric classic examines the invisible bodies of humans, showing how the colors of the aur.

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If we now look at the band which symbolizes the vegetable kingdom we shall see that it is of full width not only in the dense physical, but also in the etheric part. This at least may be seen, that such a body is not only much larger than that of the ordinary man, but also has its colors differently arranged.

Much of that matter is in the etheric state, and constitutes what is often called lesdbeater etheric double. However, we can see enough to be certain of the existence of a considerable number of these different realms, each of which is in one sense a world in itself, though in another and wider sense all are parts of one stupendous whole.

Thus the color which expresses a certain quality in the causal body will express it also in the mind body and even in the astral body, but the color will be less delicate, less luminous and ethereal as we descend. Previous to this movement we have in existence nothing but the atomic state of matter in each of the planes of nature, none of the aggregations or combinations which make up the lower sub-planes of each leasbeater yet been formed. I maan endeavoring to give, as nearly as possible, the exact shade which expresses the unmixed emotion whose name is attached to it; but human emotions are hardly ever unmixed, and so we have constantly to classify or to analyse indeterminate hue in the formation of which many factors have played their part.

It will be very necessary for us to bear constantly in mind, in our endeavor to realize the appearance of the various vehicles, that the particles of which they are composed are always in leadbeatef motion. But to do this a definite effort would be necessary. See Invisible Helpersp. We can imagine that a child who did not otherwise know the course of nature might reason that he would presently grow up and become a man, merely from the fact that he had already grown to a certain extent and in a certain way, and that he saw around him other children and young people at every stage of growth between his own and the adult level.

The process has a definite duration, which can be measured by sufficiently fine instruments; the rate of its motion is perfectly well visiboe and known to physiologists. But when it has reached the lowest point of its immersion in matter, and turns to begin the grand upward sweep of evolution towards divinity, its work then is somewhat different.

He became a high-ranking officer of the society, but resigned in amid a scandal. Yet there are only too many who yield themselves to these feelings, and allow the fog of despair to close round them until all the world looks black; not realizing that in doing so they are not only seriously delaying their own evolution and losing manifold opportunities, but are also causing unnecessary suffering and injury to all those near to them.


All these varieties of finer matter exist not only in the world without, but they exist in man also. This is for the time a dominant characteristic; and the whole astral body glows with its light.

The Upward Curve IX.

Man Visible and Invisible

WHEN we turn to the consideration of the band of color which represents humanity, we at once note several quite new features.

It manifests itself in a phenomenon, which, though upon a higher plane, has a curious resemblance to the way in which a cell divides.

A man may form a mental image which evokes sensual feeling in him, but the thought and the image will express themselves in astral matter, and not in mental. For its knowledge as to the future which awaits humanity, it depends, first, upon logical deduction from the character of the progress already made; second, on direct information supplied by men who have already reached those conditions which for most of us still constitute a more or less remote future; and third, on the comparison which anyone who has the privilege of seeing them may make between highly evolved men at various levels.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. For as an aspect of the divine He existed before the solar system, but His manifestation in the matter of the sixth plane took place during the life of that system.

Occult advancement proclaims itself not only by these colors, but also by the greater luminosity of the various bodies, and by their increased size and more definite outline.

It is evident that this flow is necessary to the proper working of the nerves, for when it is withdrawn there is no sensation. To see it is to throw oneself into it, invisiblee strive for ever more to be one with leadbeated, even though in the very humblest capacity; for he who works with God is working for eternity and not for time, and in all the eons that lie before us his work can never fail.

The picture represents the scene as nearly as leadbetaer can be represented on a flat surface by means of perspective, but in reality almost every line and angle in it must of necessity be unlike the line or angle which it is intended to image. Thus it is separated from the group-soul of which hitherto it has formed a part, snd falls back again into the sea no more.

One, that is, not only because of the essential Unity, but because of the glorious power of drawing back into Himself all that has been acquired by the descent into lower matter. Presently a great finger is extended from the cloud – an inverted cone of violently whirling vapor. The astral body of man is therefore continually changing in appearance as his emotions change, as we shall presently show in detail.

The higher grades of matter follow on in orderly sequence from those which we already know, so that though to some extent each plane may be regarded as a world in itself, it is yet also true that the whole is in reality one great world, which invieible be fully seen only by the highly developed soul.


It is easy to understand how almost infinite may be the combinations and modifications of all these hues, so that the most lesdbeater gradation of character or the most evanescent of mingled feelings is expressed with lradbeater greatest accuracy. Unprejudiced, I say; because we must never forget that each sees the other through the medium of his own vehicles, and so is somewhat in the position of one looking at a landscape through the colored glass.

Man, Visible and Invisible

Be the first to ask a question about Man, Visible and Invisible. Also, even without astral sight it may occasionally be perceived; for when any person of some development is making a special effort of any kind, as, for example, in preaching or lecturing, the intellectual faculties are in unusual activity, and the yellow glow is therefore intensified.

Still it does exist; leadbeatef so it happens that in exceptional cases he may manifest an exceedingly high quality of affection or devotion. To ask other readers questions about Man, Visible and Invisibleviisible sign up. If any intelligent person will read the authenticated stories quoted in my book Clairvoyanceand will then turn from them to the books from which they were selected, he will see at once invvisible there is an overwhelming mass of evidence in favor of the existence of this faculty.

A sort of crimson flush filling the entire astral body, tingeing to some extent all the other hues, and here and there condensing itself into irregular floating wisps, like half-formed cirrus clouds. The very small proportion of yellow tells us that he has very little intelligence to direct his devotion into reasonable channels, or to save him from degenerating into senseless bigotry. Its force, therefore, is all expended at its own level, and it reacts in its entirety upon its creator in his astral leadgeater physical life, whether it be in this or in future incarnations.

Theosophy : Man Visible and Invisible by C.W. Leadbeater

To reach Nirvana is to pass beyond humanity, to gain a level of peace and bliss far above earthly comprehension. This indicates that the man has his desires thoroughly under the control of the mind, and is no longer liable to be swept away from the firm base vsiible reason by wild surges of emotion.

A fuller account of this will be found in the book Thought formswhere are portrayed many of the interesting figures created by the action of thoughts and emotions. The bits I think I understand has brought immense clarity though. Its shades vary, and it may be complicated by the admixture of various other hues.

There also we have a great cloud hovering above the sea, on the surface of which waves are constantly forming and moving.

The Astral Body of the Savage.